The Broadband Doctor

About Us

Company Profile

Golcom Pty Ltd (ABN 61 107 195 871) was established by David and Helen Gollan in 2003. The company was originally set up as a contracting business, providing field service support to the major internet service providers.

Our first contract was installing telephony, pay TV and broadband over the Optus HFC cable network.

In 2005, we moved on to the Telstra PSTN network (landlines), which includes telephony and ADSL broadband.

From 2008 to 2010, we provided services to Foxtel, installing satellite dishes, cabling and set top boxes for their clients.

The Broadband Doctor business name was registered in October 2009 to provide support directly to homes and businesses that require fast, reliable broadband access. Drawing on the skills learnt working on the Telstra network, we have developed various methods of maximising DSL performance inside customer premises.

Since 2012, we have been TPG contractors providing services to them for their ADSL and FTTB products, and for their subsidiary company, iiNet which they acquired in 2015.

Golcom has also been providing services to NBN for their FTTN and HFC technologies since 2017.

We registered a second business name in 2017, The Broadband Brokers. Under this name, we resell broadband and telephone services delivered over MNF, Telstra, AAPT and Optus, ADSL and NBN connections.


David Gollan

David has been involved with providing technical services his entire working life. For the first 15 years of his career, he was in the amusement machine and pinball industry, working for Leisure and Allied Industries (Timezone), and Amusement Machine Distributors (AMD), both as a technician and as a spare parts manager.

As broadband became more and more of a commodity, David moved over to the telecommunications industry, learning everything he could about past, current and emerging technologies and service delivery.

Helen Gollan

Helen comes from a finance and administration background, with prior experience at firms such as DHL International, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Toyota Motor Corporation.

She currently handles the administration and accounts here at Golcom.

Industry Experience

2003 – 2005 Optus HFC installation
2005 – 2013 Telstra PSTN and ADSL installation and maintenance
2008 – 2010 Foxtel satellite installation
2009 – current Broadband Doctor installation and maintenance
2012 – 2019 TPG ADSL installation and maintenance
2014 – current TPG FTTB installation
2016 – 2019 iiNet ADSL installation and maintenance
2017 – 2019 NBN FTTN installation and maintenance
2018 – current iiNet FTTB installation
2019 – current NBN HFC installation and maintenance

Industry Qualifications

ACMA registration

  • ICTTCI37A – Open registration (ACMA)

ACMA registration endorsements

  • ICTTC009A – Place, secure and terminate structured cabling
  • ICTTC013A – Perform accurate cable system test (twisted pair)
  • ICT30202 – Certificate III in telecommunications (co-axial)

Advanced ACMA accreditations

  • ICT40202 – Certificate IV in telecommunications engineering
  • ICTTC010A – Place, secure and terminate optical fibre cable
  • ICTTC013A – Perform accurate cable system test (fibre)

Optus accreditations

  • CST1 – Consumer & multimedia services installation
  • HSD – High speed data (cable broadband)

Telstra accreditations

  • NDSZ40A – MDF practices
  • Basic cable jointing (I&M)
  • Customer premises equipment & lightning protection
  • ADSL professional
  • ICTTC100C – Locate & diagnose cable faults (twisted pair)
  • ICTTC015C – Locate & identify cable system faults (fibre)
  • ICTTC065C – Splice optic fibre cable

NBN accreditations

  • 1 – Jumpering at the Pillar and/or the Node
  • 2 – Installing Underground Copper Joint Enclosure
  • 3 – Copper Jointing
  • 5 – Copper Fault Finding
  • 14a – Radio Frequency Testing from the Tap Down
  • 15a – Coaxial Cable Installs from the Tap Down
  • 17a – Provide HFC Activations and Assurance Services
  • 23 – Premises Lead-In Identification and Validation (FTTC)
  • 24 – Perform Copper Intercept (FTTC)
  • 31a – Business Grade Technician