Bridge Tap Removal

What is a Bridge Tap?

A bridge tap (or bridged tap, or star wiring) is an unterminated or unused branch of a telecommunications circuit. When a junction is installed in the telephone circuit to provide an additional outlet somewhere else, a bridge tap is created.

Bridge taps are detrimental to data services delivered using xDSL technology as used by the majority of nbn™, and all ADSL services. The unused circuits act as antennas, channelling radio frequency into the circuit which adds noise to the line. The added noise on the line then causes a reduction in the achievable data rate (speed) of the circuit, and also causes dropouts.

A data circuit for xDSL should be straight. A node at one end, and a modem at the other. There should be no other branches or circuits or sockets connected to the circuit.

Typical bridge tap join found in a roof space

Impacts of Bridge Taps

Sync Speed Before and After

The results above are snapshots of achievable line speed before and after bridge tap removal.

  • Before results were 42Mbps download, 17Mbps upload.
  • After results were 85Mbps download, 32Mbps upload.

The bridge tap was reducing the achievable line speed by 50%.

Service Description

We will attend your premises and perform the following:

  • Test service before work
  • Locate and remove any bridge taps using enhanced testing procedures
  • Test service after work
  • Provide receipt with compliance certification for remediated internal wiring

Suitable For

Bridge taps affect the following technology types:

  • nbn™ Fibre to the Node (FTTN)
  • nbn™ Fibre to the Building (FTTB)
  • nbn™ Fibre to the Curb (FTTC)
  • ADSL services

Price guide

Bridge tap removal price is $180, fixed fee. 

Service Area

Our service area is the Perth metropolitan area, Western Australia.