The Broadband Doctor

Broadband Rewire

Disconnect existing internal wiring and install new internal lead-in cable from building entry point to modem location.


  • Replace existing non-standard or suspect wiring with category 6 (or RG6 coaxial for HFC) cabling.
  • Removes the possibility of internal wiring affecting internet performance.
  • Eliminates bridge taps on internal wiring
  • Puts a stop to your internet provider saying that your internal wiring is causing the internet to not work properly.
  • Provides an opportunity to relocate modem to a more desirable location.
  • Can dramatically increase sync speeds if there are multiple telephone sockets present.
  • Comprehensive test of external network with latest diagnostic equipment. (FTTN, HFC and ADSL only).
  • Report and evidence provided of any faults or deficiencies in external network. (FTTN and ADSL only).

Suitable For

  • NBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node)
  • NBN FTTC (Fibre to the Curb)
  • NBN HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coax)
  • Naked DSL
  • ADSL 2+
  • ADSL

TCA1 Certificate of Compliance provided on completion of job