FTTB Installation

Your service will be connected up to the telephone outlet inside your premises provided there is no fault with the wiring. Please locate and choose the outlet you wish to have activated before the appointment and make sure the technician can access the outlet without obstruction.

If you are asked to arrange access to the communications MDF in your building, or to contact your building manager in advance, please do so otherwise the technician may not be able to install your service on the day.

On the day of the appointment, please unpack, plug in and switch on your modem. If you are unsure on how to plug in the modem, the technician will assist you.

Booking Form

Please select your preferred days and timeslots for a technician visit. You can select more than one. Timeslots cannot be altered or shortened.
Please advise who to contact on site for access to your premises
Please check all boxes above. If you are not able to confirm the above, please contact us to discuss possible alternative arrangements.
If you wish to use an existing modem you may need to configure it yourself with your account username and password in order to connect to the internet. The technician will activate and test your line during the appointment but will be unable to assist you with the modem configuration.